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"Homelessness In Redmond" with KPOV the Point

"When decent folks are working full-time jobs and can’t afford to purchase a house in the city they work, I think we are failing them. It’s not the other way around; it’s not that they are failing. It’s that we aren’t doing a good job of providing adequate housing for them."

I had the honor of being a part of another episode of KPOV's "The Point". This episode, we discussed my concerns surrounding the actions of our local government regarding the Homelessness in Redmond.

We also discuss the issues surrounding bi-partisan politics. Check out this quote from the episode:

"I think that anytime we provide a broad sweeping label, whether it’s progressive, whether it’s conservative whether you say I’m a left-leaning this or a right-leaning that. I think people make the mistake of painting with a broad brush. There’s always going to be that push, that knee-jerk reaction to say 'oh, I saw the label so just know who you are.' The more people I meet, the more that I talk to, the older that I get, the less value I see in those type of labels."

Please give it a listen and use this episode as an opportunity to chat with me or the people in your life surrounding these subjects. These are both valuable conversation pieces, and without talking about them, we will never see Results for Redmond.

You can listen to this episode by clicking on "The Point" graphic, or by clicking here.

Remember, you can email me with any questions and/or concerns about the current issues we face at

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