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Michael Brannon

My name is Michael Brannon, a resident of Redmond Oregon since 1976. I retired from the public works department after 35 years of service to the citizens of this city. Redmond has seen significant change from what once was primarily a timber and agricultural economy. Through the efforts of past city leaders, we now have a very diverse economy which provides many family wage jobs. These civic minded servant leaders also focused on keeping Redmond a safe, family friendly place to live. Their vision provided many improvements, enhancements, and amenities throughout the growth of the community.

John Nielsen is seeking election to the Redmond city council this November. His desire is to continue to see Redmond grow in a responsible way by working together as neighbors. Through my association with John, I believe he is honest and a person of integrity. John would be a committed representative to the residents of our city. Would you please join me on election day in November by supporting and voting to elect John Nielsen for Redmond city council? Thank you.


Linda Levinson

I endorse John Nielsen for Redmond City Council. I met John at Redmond Rotary and have worked with him on several volunteer projects. John is a family man and committed to his community. His honesty and integrity shows in all he does. John is dedicated to Redmond and will work tirelessly on the city council to address the many challenges facing us. He is always available to us for conversation. Please join me in voting for John Nielsen for Redmond City Council!

Linda Levinson


Rob Hambleton

My name is Rob Hambleton and, since July of 2021, I have been living in Redmond with my wife Mary and our three dogs. I am the Branch Manager for BBSI Central Oregon and Mary operates our training company, Soul Canyon Training and Development.

Since arriving in Central Oregon, Mary and I have been connecting with many citizens and businesses in the area. We are both members of the Redmond Chamber and Mary is active in the Redmond Kiwanis Club. I am on the REDI Board, Family Access Network Redmond Development Committee, and an Opportunity Knocks Facilitator.

As part of becoming active in Central Oregon I have had numerous opportunities to participate in REDI Board Meetings and Redmond Chamber events with John Nielsen. I find John to be extremely articulate and passionate about the Redmond community. I am confident that any position John takes on issues that impact our community will be well thought out, researched, and explained. Based on my time with John, I find him very balanced on key issues.

I fully support John Nielsen for Redmond City Council.


Rob Hambleton

Redmond, Oregon


Louise Kaplan

My name is Louise Kaplan; my husband Marv and I built our home here in 2005; we became full time Redmond residents in 2013. We are active in our Redmond Rotary club, which is where we met John. I got to know John better through our Leadership Redmond class, and serving on our class project together with him.

As retired mortgage loan officer, businesswoman, and host of a local radio talk show, I have had the opportunity to meet and interview countless politicians through the years. What sets John apart from many of his political counterparts is that he can (and does) actually answer questions. No fluff, no pontification, no drama; just articulate, well thought out answers. He knows what he is talking about; he’s done his homework and he knows what Redmond needs to thrive.

I wholeheartedly support John for City Council; he is an intelligent, articulate individual who truly cares about Redmond; he does his research and will make wise decisions for Redmond.


Emily Howard

To whom it may concern:

John Nielsen was my Branch Manager at the Mid Oregon Credit Union branch in Redmond. I was privileged to work with John for six months, before transferring into the Commercial Services department at Mid Oregon. My transition from branch level work to my current role in Commercial Services was entirely because of John’s mentorship. Before coming to work for him, my finance experience was limited, yet he took a risk and offered me a position on the spot.

During the brief period I worked with John, my financial services comprehension exceeded my most remote expectations. But I was wary to believe my progress was anything extraordinary, especially given my previous lack of experience. Five months into working with John at the Redmond Branch, the Commercial Services Loan Specialist position was posted for internal applicants. I saw the post but did not even give it a second thought as I assumed I was severely underqualified. John had an entirely different notion and strongly supported me to pursue the role. Without his vote of confidence, persistent encouragement, and mentoring, I would not hold the title that I do today. He was (and still is) one of my greatest proponents both inside and outside of the workplace.

I believe that John gives his all when he full-heartedly believes in a cause, whether that be a person, work, family, or the city of Redmond. He has already demonstrated his dedication to fight for the American Dream with his service as a 3rd Generation Army Veteran. If given the opportunity to serve on Redmond’s City Council, I am certain John would deliver on his pledge to produce “results for Redmond”. He has roots in this city (visually represented by his adorable twins) which gives him a tangible vested interest in Redmond. John will be a part of the transformation Redmond needs because his twins are members of Redmond’s next generation. I can’t think of a better motivator than one’s children to drive a person to create the change for the better; and the person that is going to follow through and make these needed advancements for Redmond is John Nielsen.

Redmond needs and deserves someone like John on City Council.


Emily Howard

Commercial Services Loan Specialist


Steve & Paula Schaefer

At the age of 72 I have ample experience with first impressions and over the years have learned to be wary of those first encounters. My wife and I first met John Nielsen in a professional encounter several years ago in a financial institution. From his genuine welcome and firm handshake to his down-to-business approach John quickly got to the heart of our situation and took the time necessary to deliver creative, safe, and long term solutions to meet our specific needs.

John’s excellent communication skills coupled with his professional experience and business savvy make him an excellent negotiator. After spending time with John in social gatherings and as a guest on our community radio show we know John to be a man who deeply cares about and appreciates his family and the city of Redmond. Johns work on the Redmond Economic Development board, and his years of participation in the Chamber of Commerce, the Redmond Leadership Program and participation as a Rotarian are just a few demonstrations of John Nielsen’s dedication to the wellbeing of Redmond and those of us who live here. John Nielsen should be elected to the Redmond City Council this November. I know we are voting for him.


Chandler T.

John and I have worked together for six years and he has been a great leader and mentor. He is considerate, principled, and always strives to bring out the best in everyone. Hardworking, dedicated, and compassionate. John will be a great advocate for the citizens of Redmond. 

Don Deland.jpg

Don DeLand

I have talked with John many times about his views and goals for Redmond in the future. I believe his vision aligns with mine for my children and grandchildren. He also brings a financial background that will be critical in managing our tax dollars. John has my endorsement for Redmond City Council. - Don DeLand.

Bethannie Phillips.jpg

Bethannie Phillips

I’ve known John since 2019, when he took a chance on me from a simple phone interview as I lived 1500 miles away (in Iowa) and hired me on as one of his employees.

If I can describe John in one word, it would be: Inspiriter (Definition: [noun] One that encourages or enlivens someone).

During my first meeting with John as my manager, his first question of me was “where do you want to be?” When I told him I wanted to be a trainer, he said “alright, let’s get you there”

From that meeting on, through support and coaching, he empowered and worked with me to get me to the position I wanted to be in, after only 6 months.

In the past few months, since beginning his campaign, he has also empowered me through my passion of photography, graphic design, and social media. He believed in me enough to ask me to help him with those aspects of his campaign. And since, he has helped me to grow my confidence 10x and has helped me gain many prospects for this type of work in the future.

The reason I tell you all this, is I firmly believe John has the power, drive, and heart to inspirit all those around him. In my opinion, this ability is what makes a valuable leader—to put energy towards building up those around you vs. focusing on bringing “the enemy” down.

From all I’ve seen, John knows few enemies, and I truly believe that is because he genuinely wants the best for everyone. I’ve seen this through the months of helping him with his campaign, and I have had the privilege to witness the passion and appreciation in his eyes multiple times.

John has my full endorsement for a seat on Redmond’s City Council. I firmly believe he is exactly what our town needs.

Bethannie Phillips


Bethannie Phillips.jpg

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